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Jean M. Pellerin, Artist

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I've been a professional artist siince 1991, showing work all over the US over the years. I work a great deal in watercolor, acrylic, and pen & ink, but also try other mediums as I get a chance. I intend to get more into printmaking as well. I worked for twenty years in the printing industry, as my mother and her family did before me.
I like a variety of subjects- landcape and buildings being my usual choices. I also do fairies and fantasy!! 
This website is a work -in-progress- I am a painter, not a computer person!! However, I like to get information from the web, so I am going to do my best to make it easy for you to do the same.



I think it's about time I updated this site!!!!!! 
In addition to painting, jewelry, books, and antiques (well- "vintiques") - I have been having a ball with "repurposing" things- something I have always done anyway!! It seems now it's the "in" thing- which is cool with me!!! My sister in Indiana, a trained bench jeweler, has been making jewelry out of "junk" for many years!! I have sometimes put some of it in the Art And Frame Emporium, and take it with me to shows. I just did a wonderful show in Berlin,MA- where I met some very nice and talented people. I will do this show again next year! 

Currently I am showing at:

Art & Frame Emporium in the Westboro Shopping Center (18 Lymen St- just off Rt. 9)- anytime during regular store hours. I put up work off and on as I work there part-time. Phone: 508-366-5650

North Main Street Antiques, Route 140, Grafton, MA- I rent a booth there - one                   of my favorite shops!! I have filled my booth with interesting books, jewelry, and things- look what I've found!! Since I love books, I have been doing very well with them. 

Dec. 8, 2019 - Assumption School, Millbury, MA- part of the Chain of Lights Festival! 

Keep check ing here for more listings as I get them! 2019 has been a busy year as I get back to work painting and everything else I like to do!!

updated 12-4-2019

Contact me at:
jean Pellerin   P.O. Box 837, Upton, MA 01568
(508) 529-6665

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